Fall Sorghum Favorites

As the weather gets cooler, it’s wonderful to add comfort food recipes to your menu that will keep you warm all season. From September to November, autumn harvest brings a variety of healthful and delicious produce, from beets and sweet potatoes to apples and pears, which are great additions to your meal plans. Meal planning is an important piece of your nutrition strategy all year round. You’ve heard the saying, “if you fail to plan, plan to fail.” Research suggests self-monitoring strategies such as planning meals, tracking food intake and exercising 30 or more minutes daily may be important in successful weight loss maintenance.

Fall Meal Planning with Three Sorghum Recipes

Here are three simple steps for meal planning:

  1. Flip through grocery store fliers to take advantage of specials. Get healthy recipe ideas from cookbooks, websites like SimplySorghum.com and your dietitian to create your weekly meal plan.

  2. Keep a grocery list and jot down items as you run out. Add foods based on your meal plan.

  3. Cook over the weekend. Make and freeze ingredients like sorghum and meals, including soups, casseroles and stir-fries for the upcoming week.

Meal Planning with Sorghum Fall Favorites

Who’s ready to do some meal planning with three delicious fall favorites that incorporate seasonal produce and sorghum? Let’s start with a deep reddish-purple beet sorghum risotto. Then we’ll dive into a kale, white bean and tomato sorghum soup, and for the finale, a roasted chipotle sweet potato and sorghum salad.

Beet Sorghum Risotto

Sure, autumn is known for cranberries, pumpkins and apples, but let’s not forget about this delicious root vegetable - the beet - and all its goodness. This recipe by Chef Michelle Bernsteintakes the steadfast beet and glams it up in a risotto. Typically, we eat roasted or boiled beets, but now you can try this chef-inspired recipe, which is straightforward to make. Simply use two cups of pearled sorghum, fennel, dill and horseradish. Enjoy it on its own or with a white fish for a gluten-free, heart-healthy supper.

Meal Planning Tip: Set aside time to cook the pearled sorghum or use cooked sorghum already on hand in the freezer or refrigerator. Just remove the frozen sorghum the night before and thaw in the fridge.

Kale, White Bean and Tomato Sorghum Soup

We don’t just look for a warm bowl of goodness as the weather becomes chillier. We try to find meals that are just like mom used to make. This recipe devlopd by Triad to Wellness takes a twist on mom’s bean soup with the addition of kale and whole grain sorghum. If you are not a huge fan of kale, try reducing the amount to 8 ounces from 12 ounces. The soup is loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals and is perfect on its own or paired with a chicken sandwich.

Meal Planning Tip: Make a double batch of soup and freeze the extra servings for an easy thaw and re-heat meal on busy fall evenings.

Roasted Chipotle Sweet Potato and Sorghum Salad

Nothing says autumn like sweet potatoes! Let’s jazz up this quintessential fall veggie by adding a dash of chipotle powder and smoked paprika. The onion, sweet potato and spice mixture roast together to create the sweet, yet savory smoky flavor of this colorful dish by Erin Alderson. To save time, use cooked sorghum already on-hand in the freezer or refrigerator.

Meal Planning Tip: Pre-measure the spice blend and store it in a sealed baggie. By using this step along with pre-cooked sorghum, you can make this dish in less than 35 minutes.

Fall Favorites with Sorghum Takeaways

  • Research suggests self-monitoring strategies, such as planning meals, tracking food intake and exercising 30 or more minutes daily, may be important in successful weight-loss maintenance.
  • Pair sorghum with seasonal produce, including beets and sweet potatoes for healthy autumn dishes.
  • Fall is not only an exciting time of transition, it is also a delicious one with hearty, veggie-packed sorghum soup on the menu – use meal planning step three so you always have soup on hand!

Enjoy the harvest and lets us know which sorghum recipe is your favorite! 

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