Make Easy, Healthy Meals with Sorghum

Many get into a time crunch, especially when it comes to our food. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates one of the biggest barriers to achieving a healthy diet may be due to not having enough available time to prepare food at home. If you fall into the eating out or fast food categories because you have limited time to prepare meals every day, we have three simple steps to help you get delicious, nutritious meals on the table minutes after arriving home!

1. Cook sorghum ahead of the work week to allow for quick meals when time is tight

Sorghum is the perfect ingredient to add to numerous healthy meals. Sorghum has a neutral, nutty profile, which allows the grain to absorb the flavors of spices and other ingredients you cook with. Sorghum grain can be prepared and used like rice, quinoa or other whole grains. Prepare sorghum using the stovetop, slow cooker, pressure cooker or rice cooker. When using an electric pressure cooker or slow cooker, you can even get it started and go on with your other chores – or just relax. but unlike other grains, sorghum holds up well when stored in the refrigerator or frozen and it reheats to its original state! You can also make sorghum in advance with different stocks and spices, then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days or freeze it to shorten the cooking time of meals during the week! Find tips to cooking sorghum here.

2. Create a prep list

Prepping ingredients when more time is available is a great solution to the common difficulty of too little time to cook. A prep list will help you organize what to buy and save you valuable time – and possibly money due to less waste. To create a prep list, look ahead at your week to come, noting how many nights you'll be making meals. Then list the ingredients needed to be prepped for your chosen recipes for the week – include produce items you need to chop, dice and slice to your prep list. You may notice your recipes include the same produce such as onions, peppers and carrots. Prepare these veggies all at once and store in air tight containers to easily add to recipes during the week. They can even be stored in the freezer for future use. No time to spend prepping vegetables? No problem – you can find pre-cut veggies in your grocer's produce section. Additional items to prep could also include marinating lean meat and storing in airtight containers in the refrigerator or freezer. The simple step of planning your meals ahead of time can cut time significantly in the kitchen.

3. Reduce the mess and save time with one-pot meals

Cleaning up after meals can double your time spent in the kitchen. Make it easy and convenient by roasting your vegetables and lean meats in one-pan or cooking the sorghum, lean meats and vegetables all at once in a slow cooker or pressure cooker. Another one-pot meal option is to stir-fry your pre-cut vegetables and lean meats on the stove top – then add your pre-cooked sorghum toward the end of cooking. With these easy steps, there is only one pot to watch and wash!

In three simple steps you can enjoy easy, convenient and healthy meals with sorghum, in minutes! Add these easy, healthy and delicious recipes to your prep list this week:

Curried Sorghum with Apricot-Glazed Chicken - Neberaska Grain Sorghum Board

BBQ Tofu and Sorghum Glazed Carrots - Blue Apron 

Drunken Snapper - Wondergrain


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