Four Ways to Mix Up Dinnertime

Do you ever feel like you fall into the habit of cooking the same meals for dinner? Or perhaps you are busy with work, school, soccer practice - life - and fast food seems to be the best option? Believe it or not, you can be creative and still save time in the kitchen by using new ingredients like whole grain sorghum. Thinking outside of the box can help you master a menu that’s new and healthy for your family.

Tips for Keeping an Exciting Dinner Menu

Eat globally!

When selecting what’s for dinner, choose a place from around the globe and prepare a meal inspired by the flavors of the culture. You can even get the kids involved! Italian, Mexican, Asian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Puerto Rican - so many options! Sorghum has a neutral, nutty flavor and unique mouthfeel, allowing it to absorb the flavors and spices of any cuisine. A perfect fit for eating flavors from around the world!

Diversify your grocery list!

Each time you go to the grocery store, select a new ingredient you have never cooked with before and discover ways to incorporate it into your meals. It could be a new grain, vegetable, fruit, spice, cut of meat, cheese or whatever catches your eye (and taste buds). If you have never cooked with sorghum, be sure to add it to your grocery list. Sorghum is an excellent addition to salads, risottos, grain bowls, smoothies, desserts, soups - the possibilities are endless.

Use your kitchen appliances to your advantage!

Pressed for time? A pressure cooker or slow cooker could be your new best friend. Using a pressure cooker can reduce cooking time up to one-third. In the case of sorghum, you can reduce cooking time from 50 minutes to 20 minutes! You can also prep your ingredients and use a slow cooker for a meal that’s ready as soon as dinnertime comes around with minimal effort.

Utilize batch cooking!

Batch cooking helps save time with meal preparation. Cook a large batch of whole grain sorghum or other favorite ingredients, separate into various containers and refrigerate or freeze for easy use later. Having ingredients like sorghum ready to go in minutes can help you save time in the kitchen and give you more time to think of new culinary inspirations.

Let’s Get Cooking! 

These five sorghum recipes are a great start to reviving your dinner menu. Cook up a batch of whole grain sorghum and enjoy the flavors of these five culturally diverse recipes all week long.

Sorghum Lasagna Bowl

Sorghum Lasagna Bowl

Middle Eastern Sorghum Bowl

Middle Eastern Sorghum Bowl

Asian Veggies, Chicken and Sorghum Grain Bowl

Mexican Fiesta Bowl 

Greek Sorghum Bowl with Artichokes and Olives 

Have a tip for mixing up meal time? Share it with us!

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