Halloween Party Planning - Tricks and Treats from Simply Sorghum!

The team here at Simply Sorghum loves a good Halloween party! We imagine that you and your kiddos do, too. We wanted to provide some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party with a few tips, or tricks, for treats and games.

Party Food

Planning your party menu doesn’t have to be scary. Keep it simple! Serve tasty, healthy appetizers and beverages. You could have fun with a sorghum-food theme that incorporates all your favorite flavors. Why not serve up whole grain goodness to your little ghouls and goblins?

Sample Menu

Before your guests arrive, create a spread of appetizers and snacks, such as these Popped Sorghum Peanut Butter Balls. Add a stick to the bottom of each of the popped sorghum balls and tie orange ribbons on the sticks to dress them up for Halloween! Another tasty treat includes our chef-inspired Stuffed Mushrooms with pearled sorghum.

If you want to prep an easy entrée or two for your party-goers, our kid-friendly Sorghetti is always a hit! It cooks up in just 12-15 minutes, less time than it takes to carve a pumpkin. The adults at the party may also dig into the Sorghetti, or heat up a crock pot full of Sorghum, Black Bean and Veggie Chili. This gluten-free dish is pure comfort in a bowl!

We can’t help ourselves – every Halloween party needs a few sweet treats! And even better, our suggestions are pumpkin-themed. With sorghum’s protein, fiber and iron joined with pumpkin’s vitamin A, potassium and vitamin C, you can feed your pumpkin craving while getting important nutrients. These gluten-free Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Streusel Muffins from Life in the Van and Pumpkin Bundt Cake from Nu Life Market call for pureed pumpkin and sorghum flour. 

Lastly, beverages! For the adults who are feeling festive, we suggest Twisted Sorghum Cider - a fall favorite! It is a sweet treat to warm up cool, crisp evenings. Our Green Veggie and Sorghum Smoothie might thrill the kiddos on Halloween night! Rename it “Witches’ Brew,” and who knows, they might try it and enjoy it!

Party Games

A classic sensory game for the kids involves raiding your fridge or pantry for foods with fun textures – the slimier, the better! Label an opaque container or brown paper bag containing sorghum pasta noodles as “Brains,” and pearled sorghum as “Frog’s eyes.” Keep your camera phones close by to capture your little ones’ expressions as they place their hand inside!

Halloween Bingo is another cute idea – craft bingo boards with fun Halloween icons, such as black cats, spiders, pumpkins and more. Use candy corn pieces to keep score. “Poke a Pumpkin” can be set up easily using plastic cups covered in orange napkins or tissue paper – secure with a rubber band. Sneak a small healthy treat or toy (Halloween eraser, Halloween sticker, etc.) into each cup and let kiddos take turns poking the pumpkin open for a treat!

Lastly, let kids and adults get their sillies out by planning an activity that involves movement. A Halloween scavenger hunt around the neighborhood (be safe, if your party is at night) can be gobs of fun! Plan out clues such as “Your next clue is thrilling, you sit on me and fling! I’m inside the park, I am a ______!” (swing). All party-goers receive a grab-bag of Halloween goodies for playing!

Happy Halloween! Let’s see your party photos - tag #sorghum on Instagram!

Guest Blogger: Krista Ulatowski, MPH, RDN, is the Seattle-based owner of KUcumber Nutrition Communications, creating and implementing marketing, communications and public relations programs for health, wellness and food companies. Connect with her on TwitterFacebookLinkedInand Instagram

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