Foodservice Professionals

Sorghum is an excellent whole grain option for the foodservice sector. Utilizing sorghum in various ways, such as a grain or flour, meal or snack, can not only meet the needs of special diet students or customers, but also offers an on-trend, versatile, nutritious option that satisfies students and customers. Cooking with sorghum can also save staff time and energy in the kitchen. Learn more about the wholesome goodness of sorghum. 


Interested in adding sorghum to your menu? Our sorghum scaled-recipe library is full of inspiration for adding sorghum grain, flour and syrup to dishes your clientele will enjoy.

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InHarvest and Sorghum

InHarvest is a premiere provider of rice, whole grains and legumes to many of the industry’s top creative chefs and restaurants. Take a look at their sorghum recipes:

Naked, Wild & Free™ Thai Sorghum Pilaf >

Naked, Wild and Free™ Sorghum Porridge with Roasted Tomato, Goat Cheese and Sage >

Foodservice Suppliers

Are you looking for a supplier for your bulk sorghum needs? Utilize the connections below to get started using sorghum in your kitchen.

Nutritional Profiles

Interested in what sorghum has to offer? Learn more about the nutrition and health benefits of sorghum below.

Partner With Us

Are you a chef looking to promote sorghum on your menu or a foodservice director interested in sharing sorghum's health benefits with the students on campus? If so, we can collaborate and create. 

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Upcoming Events

Simply Sorghum is dedicated to communicating with consumers, health and foodservice professionals about the value of sorghum as a healthy, versatile whole grain. Below you will find noteworthy events taking place across the nation we are participating in to help share the sorghum story. 

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June 5-June 6 | ALL DAY

Arizona School Nutrition Association Conference

Promote the highest standards for child nutrition programs and provide leadership training and other professional development opportunities to members.

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June 5-June 7 | ALL DAY

New Mexico School Nutrition Association Conference

Committed to providing leadership assistance, nutritional information and program guidance to all school food authorities.

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June 14 | ALL DAY

Beyond Celiac Sorghum Webinar

This webinar will introduce sorghum to foodservice directors, chefs, nutrition professionals and others in the food industry as a gluten-free alternative. Utilizing sorghum in various ways can not only meet the needs of special diet students/customers but also offer an on trend, versatile, nutritious plant-based option that satisfies all students/customers. Register for the event.

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June 20-June 23 | ALL DAY

Florida Food and Nutrition Symposium

The conference focuses on providing science-based, cutting-edge educational sessions to empower attendees to promote optimal nutrition and health.

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August 20-August 22 | ALL DAY

MISE Conference

Features a lineup of top-shelf speakers, workshops, networking and educational sessions highlighting topics from food sustainability to social media marketing.

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October 22-October 24 | ALL DAY

Food Nutrition Conference and Expo

More than 10,000 registered dietitians, nutrition science researchers, policy makers, health-care providers and industry leaders attend.

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