12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Christmas Eve is almost here! You know what that means - Santa will soon be delivering presents to good boys and girls across the world. With his visit comes one of the most loved Christmas traditions of all - leaving Santa cookies and milk! As Santa makes his way to houses around the world in his sleigh, he gets quite the sampling of cookie flavors. Have you begun baking your favorite cookies for Santa? Christmas is only 12 days away, let’s get baking!

For the next 12 days, gather the kids around the kitchen and bake one of these sweet treats made with sorghum flour! Sorghum flour is a naturally celiac safe ingredient and is a great addition to your favorite baked goods. Try these tasty treats that you and Santa can indulge on.

  1. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies: Take chocolate to a whole new level with these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies created by Kim Van Dunk
  2. Sugar Cookies: This easy-to-make cookie is perfect for the kids! Whip up some Christmas-colored buttercream icing and pull out the sprinkles and let the kids decorate Santa’s cookies. 
  3. Oatmeal, Coconut, Cardamom Cookies with White Chocolate: Are you a fan of chocolate chip cookies? Love oatmeal cookies, too? Now you can have both with this delicious Oatmeal, Coconut, Cardamom Cookies with White Chocolate Chips. 
  4. Chocolate Chip: Sometimes sticking with the classics is the best way to go. Try this traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe made with sorghum flour. 
  5. Almond Crescent Cookies: Looking for a new cookie recipe to make this holiday season? Try these amazing Almond Crescent Cookies with powdered sugar sprinkled on top from the Unconventional Baker. 
  6. Lemon Wedding Cookies: These Lemon Wedding Cookies from Betty Crocker add some cheer to the holiday season. 
  7. Ginger Spice Cookies: Ginger spice and everything nice! Make these Ginger Spice Cookies from Just a Pinch Recipes Santa is sure to love. 
  8. Coconut, Chocolate Chip Cookies: Looking for a twist to your normal chocolate chip cookies? Mix up these Chocolate Chip Cookies with coconut from Jeanette's Healthy Living! 
  9. Molasses Sorghum Cookies: Cinnamon, ginger and molasses make up this delightful cookie from the Whole Grains Council. Try making it with the family. 
  10. Snickerdoodles: Snickerdoodles are a classic in many homes across the U.S. Try these delicious Sorghum Snickerdoodles from Eat the Love to mix up your cookie fare.
  11. Gingerbread: Everyone loves a good gingerbread man. Let your kids get creative when decorating these Gingerbread Cookies from Epicurious made with sorghum flour. 
  12. Gluten Free Pumpkin Molasses Cookies: If you are still craving pumpkin spice after fall with pumpkin spice everything, try this Pumpkin Molasses Cookie made with sorghum flour from the Pretty Bee!

Have your own family favorite cookies you want to implement sorghum into? Use this easy cookie mix with your next batch of cookies to implement a tasty dose of sorghum. 

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