Tips for Hosting the Perfect Backyard Party

Rising temperatures, green grass, blue skies - beautiful days are meant to be spent outside. Why not host a backyard gathering for all your friends? Hosting an outdoor event can be fun and easy. Whether you plan to have a large party or a small gathering with old friends, we’ve put together a list of host tips to help ensure your backyard event is a delightful experience for all.

Preparing for the Party:


Make your party fun by decorating the tables with things you already have within your home. Old party supplies? Use them to decorate. Simple floral or greenery arrangements can also make the tables pop. You could also use furniture within your home as a bar or seating arrangement.

Make things bright!

Use warm or bright colors, creative light fixtures and candles to brighten up the evening.

Party Games

Are your guests big into games? Put out some outdoor games that will make the party a blast. Games like corn hole, washers, Jenga, croquet, ring toss, yard bowling and horseshoes are perfect.

Keep the Pests Away

Set out citronella candles and have bug spray on hand to help keep pests away. Nothing like a swarm of mosquitos or flies to ruin an evening of fun.

It’s All About the Food

No matter what people say, food is the star of any party. Take a look at these tips to help make feeding your guests a breeze.

Buffet or Dinner Style

Depending on the number of people you are hosting, dinner buffets are a great option because they are easy to set up. Or if you would prefer a more intimate gathering, set your table up traditional family style with dishes, drinks and food placed randomly on the table.

Use the Grill!

When hosting a dinner party outside try yo use the grill. That way you are not inside your kitchen secluded from your guest when cooking. Plus, grilled foods are tasty!

Prepare Beforehand

If you will be serving dishes that do not require the grill, try making them ahead of time. That way you can spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen getting everything ready.

Use Charming Plastic or Paperware

Using appealing plastic or paperware is the best when hosting a backyard party. They are cute, fun, and after everyone is done eating, plates, cups, and plasticware can be thrown away, which can save you cleaning time after the party.

Sample Sorghum Menu

Not sure what to serve at your backyard gathering. We’ve put together a menu of our favorite sorghum recipes for entertaining guests. Simply print out the menu below for guests and check the links to for directions on how to prepare the dishes! Enjoy!

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