5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit with the Family

While fitness and a nutritious diet are often New Year's resolutions for many, establishing a healthy lifestyle is important for the whole family year-round. Whether you are two or 102 years old, eating nutritious food and getting physical activity are important in helping prevent diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making small, but meaningful, changes over time can make a big difference when it comes to your health. January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month, and we challenge you to try incorporating these fun, easy ideas into your family routines this month.

Get Outside

Try New Ingredients

Food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can be an exciting experience for everyone in your family! Build a fun culture around food in your home by experimenting with new ingredients from the five major food groups, like sorghum! Incorporate your own version of Food Network’s Chopped once a week by selecting a 3-5 ingredients you have not cooked with before and create a unique meal for the family to try. Make it even more fun by letting each family member take turns searching for and picking new ingredients they have not tried before. You can even cook the meal together as a family – a great opportunity to teach young ones the importance of healthy meals.

Family Meals

Eating meals together as a family can be a challenge, but research has shown numerous benefits, including increased self-esteem, wellbeing and family connection. To help in preparation of family meals, try cooking with ingredients like sorghum in the Instant Pot, which reduces cook time, allowing for more quality time at the table. You can make family meals more fun by hosting a chef night or theme night once a month. For more family mealtime ideas, click here.

Dance It Off

Physical activity is imperative to a fit lifestyle. Traditional activities like running and lifting weights are a great way to exercise. There are also many other ways to create movement and accelerate your heart rate throughout the day. One of the best is dancing! So, let loose and have some fun with an impromptu family dance-off! If your little one(s) is in a dance class, let them teach you one of their dances. It will be a fun way to get some movement in!

Play a Game

Instead of traditional card and board games, try incorporating a family night with games full of movement! For older kids, play classics like capture the flag or kick the can. Families with younger kiddos can play games like tag or duck-duck-goose. Is your home full of sports fanatics? Get the family together one night a week to throw a football in the backyard. If basketball is more your style, shoot some hoops or play a game of around the world.

Get Outside

After a tasty family dinner, invite everyone to go on a walk around your neighborhood - bring your dog along, too! An evening walk could also be a good opportunity to drum up a lighthearted conversation about the day. You could also head over to a local park for some nature discovery. For younger family members, activity on the playground is always an exciting way to get some movement in.

What are some ways you plan to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with your family this year? Share your ideas with us on social media - Simply Sorghum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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