10 Restaurants Serving Up Sorghum

There is something special about trying new dishes crafted by talented chefs. Chefs push the creative envelope developing appetizers, entrees, salads, and desserts with new, unique ingredients. Sorghum is a versatile ingredient chefs have been experimenting with over the last several years. The adaptable ingredient has even had shining moments on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay and the popular series, Chopped.  

Sorghum can be found in various forms on many different restaurant menus, from popped (puffed) to whole grain, flour and even syrup! Sorghum can add a nice crunch or wholesome goodness to a dish. Sorghum can also be used as a sweetener and a gluten-free flour. To showcase sorghum’s inclusion at top restaurants, we’ve gathered menu items from across the nation. If you find yourself near one of these eateries, you will want to give these menu items a try!

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1. Braise

After a visit to Lake Michigan, head on over to Braise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for their Crispy Lardo featuring sorghum butter as well as a carrot biscuit, pickled green tomato and bourbon sauce.

2. David’s Burgers and Bourbon

David’s Burgers and Bourbon sits inside the Hilton Hotel in Orlando, Florida, and serves up sorghum in their Gatherer salad featuring endive, kale, buratta cheese, almonds, blueberries and a dressing of sorghum, sarsaparilla vinegar and olive oil.

3. Emmer and Rye

If you find yourself in the Lonestar State, check out Emmer and Rye in Austin. The restaurant currently has sorghum in two menu items. The first is a savory dish with grilled carrots, field pea miso, sumac, benne andsorghum. The second is a sweet dish, includingwild bay laurel ice cream, yaupon ice, puffed sorghum and wildflower syrup.

4. Julep

Going on a hike or ski trip in Colorado? Head on over to the Julep in Denver to try their snack-sized Chicken Tail Skewer with a sorghum soy sauce or their Rutabaga and Onion Tart Tatin with sorghum syrup.

5. Juniper

After a trip to the Gateway Arch, visit the Juniper in St. Louis, Missouri, for their grilled carrots with a sorghum glaze and popped sorghum as well as a spicy aioli and herbs.

6. Milo All Day

Headed to Waco, Texas, to see Chip and Jo? Stop by Milo All Day for some brussels sprouts with a sorghum chili glaze or their pan seared snapper topped with turmeric popped sorghum.

7. Radio Radio

Just outside New York City is Radio Radio in Huntington, New York, serving sweet potato wedges with sorghum and pecans. A taste of the south on the east coast!

8. The Wandering Goose

Before heading out on a sight-seeing tour, stop by the Wandering Goose in Seattle, Washington, for breakfast. Their house-made granola is topped with fresh fruit and sorghum syrup.

9. Topelo Honey

Planning a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to explore the area’s rich history? Visit Topelo Honey and try their caramelized squash and burrata toast with a sorghum balsamic glaze.

10. Succotash

After an excursion around the nation’s capitol, head over to Succotash in Washington, D.C., for a taste of the south with their cornbread cakes and sorghum butter.

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*Menus often change. Be sure to check the menu regularly for sorghum.

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