Fruit-Filled Sorghum Recipes for Summer

Fruit has a lot to offer - vibrant colors, sweet, tangy flavors, refreshing taste and it’s nutritious. It’s nature’s healthy candy! Fruit is an important part of a balanced diet, and many fruits are a good source of nutrients like potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate. Fruit is also versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It pairs nicely with the nuttiness of whole grain sorghum and the slight sweetness of sorghum syrup. With these eight sorghum recipes, you can enjoy fruit with every meal of the day!

Berry and Kale Sorghum Salad

Blueberries and strawberries atop a bed of finely chopped kale, whole grain sorghum and almonds make for a delightful combination. Top this berry salad from Triad to Wellness off with mint and a homemade dressing for a refreshing summer salad.

Berry and Kale Sorghum Salad

Strawberry Banana Sorghum Smoothie

Cool down with this Strawberry Banana Sorghum Smoothie! The recipe pairs frozen strawberries and bananas with whole grain sorghum, hemp seeds and milk for a refreshing yet nutritious smoothie you can enjoy while lounging in the backyard hammock.

Strawberry Banana Sorghum Smoothie

Fruit Tacos with Cocowhip

These fun fruit tacos will be a new fan favorite! A crispy sorghum flour taco shell dunked in a chocolate ganache and filled with an assortment of fresh fruit make for a yummy dessert or snack everyone will love.

Fruit Tacos

Citrus Salad with Popped Sorghum

The bright colors and unique flavors of this salad make for the perfect combination of fresh fruits and leafy greens. Grapefruit and satsuma oranges pair with watercress and two forms of sorghum all tossed with a maple and vinegar dressing.

Sorghum Breakfast Bowl

Start your day off with this fruit-filled Sorghum Breakfast Bowl. Think oatmeal reinvented! Whole grain sorghum coupled with all the fresh fruit your heart desires - bananas, kiwi, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. Yum!

Breakfast Bowl

Sorghum Fruit Pico De Gallo

If you are a fan of pico de gallo, you will love this fruit twist! Mango, watermelon, pineapple and cucumber combine with whole grain sorghum, sorghum syrup, mint, cayenne and lime for a sweet and spicy fruit pico de gallo. Grab the chips and dig in!

Strawberry Vanilla Sorghum Parfait

We don’t know about you, but we love a good yogurt parfait. This Strawberry Vanilla Sorghum Parfait from Nutrition Starring You features layers of delicious cinnamon whole grain sorghum, greek yogurt and juicy strawberries.

Berry Cashew Cream Dessert Pizza

Dessert is revitalized with Triad to Wellness’ Berry Cashew Cream Dessert Pizza. A granola crust topped with a decadent cashew cream and mixed berries make for a healthy yet drool-worthy dessert you can enjoy without the guilt.

What are your favorite fruit-filled recipes? Share them with us on social media - Simply Sorghum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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